Investment Strategy

The Trust seeks to deliver investors with a distribution yield of 4% - 6% per annum[1], paid monthly in arrears, and a medium-term average total return of 6% - 8% per annum[2].

The Manager invests in two strategies managed by the credit investment teams of KKR. These strategies are comprised of the Opportunistic Credit strategy and the European Direct Lending strategy.

The Opportunistic Credit strategy focuses on traded credits which typically includes loans, bonds or other debt securities or instruments. These are issued by larger companies and are syndicated to a group of lenders. These securities and instruments can be traded in the secondary market.

The European Direct Lending strategy focuses on private credits which are typically bilateral loans between a lender and a borrower with no or limited syndication. These securities are not typically traded in the secondary market.


[1] Net of fees and expenses incurred by the Trust, but before tax, paid monthly. The target distribution is only a target and may not be achieved.

[2] Target medium-term average total return net of fees and expenses incurred by the Trust, before tax. The distribution yield over a given period may be lower than the total return in this period to the extent that the total return includes unrealised gains. Investors should review the Risk summary set out in Section 1 and Section 8 of the PDS for important information regarding Target Total Returns and the Trust’s ability to achieve them.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.